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Have a complete Call Center Outsourcing solution for your company. Our business goes beyond customer service. We follow the Customer Relationship Journey. Our Resolvers team has the best customer service tools. Here, your company can have a service made by professionals in your area of expertise. We offer the best customer experience, through a complete service methodology.

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    Regardless of the complexity and demand, we are committed to the customer. Our platform allows a complete service and meticulously designed to achieve customer loyalty for the most diverse needs.




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    Why Outsource Your Call Center?

    With the Outsourcing of your Call Center, your company will be able to count on a committed and specialized service, thought out exactly according to your need, no matter the size or complexity of the operation. Outsourcing your call center is a worry-free quality assurance.

    Harley Davidson Success Story

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is It To Be Omnichannel

    An omnichannel strategy allows consumers to shop anywhere, at any time and through the channel that is most interesting and convenient for him, without any loss of information, in case you switch from one channel to another in the purchase process. This strategy puts the consumer at the center, creating a positive perception of your experience with the company. Omnichannel also helps the company learn about customer behavior and preferences, improving the quality of its operations.

    Relationship Program

    This type of program aims to promote awareness and offer access to medication through discounts, among other benefits. In general, these remedies are of continuous use, so that the loyalty of end consumers is easier. The relationship program also offers the possibility of customizing campaigns by CPF, offering customized benefits, for example. The use of relationship journeys, which we will discuss later in this article, is a strategy that can be used to optimize results.

    What Is Customer Experience

    The term customer experience (CX) emerged a few years ago when industries realized that buying and selling a product goes beyond a simple exchange relationship.

    It is the impression that the company gives to the customer at all stages of the journey, generating loyalty or not to the brand. So that old saying “the first impression is the one that lasts” is the purest truth.

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